Accessing wp-admin returns 404 error
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Accessing wp-admin returns 404 error

You have experienced this error after installing WordPress on an Add-on Domain. You have also tried the common solutions found online but none of them seems to work. Some of the these solutions are:

  1. Check the Site URL entry in the mySQL database. Simply login to cPanel > phpmyadmin > WP_Options to find the “Site URL” entry. If the url information is wrong, then you just have to correct it.
  2. Some users experienced the problem due to an invalid security entry in the .htacess file inside the admin folder, which blocks access to the wp-admin/ folder. They are not sure what caused this, so in any case, do check if you have the same problem.
  3. Check and confirm that the permission for wp-admin folder is 755.
  4. If none of the above works, check if you have installed the Addon Domain inside a sub-folder of the public_html/. If it is not inside the public_html, it may not work correctly. You may access the wordpress site but not the admin area.

Give the above a try and let us know what you find. There are many sites with screenshots and solutions for 1 – 3. Try solution #4 if all do not work.

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